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What is a CCTV camera?



A CCTV camera (Closed-Circuit Television) or analog camera works in a closed circuit


The CCTV camera can be directly connected to a monitor. In that case it is only possible to visualize real time streaming videos localy


If videos recording is needed, the CCTV camera must be linked to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) 


In both cases the cable used to connect the CCTV camera is a coaxial cable like those used for TV


If the real time streaming videos must be remotly accessible (via Internet), the camera has to be linked to a digital recorder (featured with an Ethernet port) or to a video encoder 


Limitations and disadvantages



  • Without a DVR, a CCTV camera is not remotely accessible
  • Sensibility of the analog signal
  • Permanent video streaming without any compression
  • Coaxial cable cost
  • Resolution limited to CCTV technology (576 lines max in PAL)

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