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All our fixed IP cameras in resolution 2 Megapixels


  • AXIS Q1755

    1523.39 € VAT inc


    AXIS Q1755 AXIS Q1755 Network Camera connected to an HDTV monitor is the perfect solution for securing areas where greater image detail is required, such as airports, passport controls and casinos. AXIS Q1755 complies with the SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) HDTV standards in...

    Details : AXIS Q1755

  • AXIS Q1755-E

    1828.31 € VAT inc


    AXIS Q1755-E The outdoor-ready AXIS Q1755-E is a day and night HDTV network camera, designed for securing areas where high-quality identification is needed, for example, at casinos, passport controls, airports, railway stations and for perimeter surveillance. It is IP66-rated and features Axis’ unique...

    Details : AXIS Q1755-E

  • VIVOTEK IP8161

    860.31 € VAT inc


    VIVOTEK IP8161 VIVOTEK IP8161 is a professional-series fixed network camera featuring superb image quality and exceptional bandwidth efficiency. It is especially suitable for wide open spaces such as building entrances and airports, or applications requiring accurate identification, such as human faces in...

    Details : VIVOTEK IP8161


    1243.88 € VAT inc


    VIVOTEK IP8162P VIVOTEK IP8162P is part of the SUPREME series product line offering 2-megapixel resolution with superb image quality. The camera can capture a much more comprehensive area than a standard VGA camera, significantly reducing the number of cameras required. It is especially suitable for monitoring...

    Details : VIVOTEK IP8162P

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